Asphalt 8: Airborne for Windows 8

A fun and exhilarating, multiplayer car racing game


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  • Category Racing games
  • Program license Free
  • Works under: Windows 10 / Windows 8.1
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Gameloft

Get Ready to Eat Asphalt

As the name suggests, Asphalt 8: Airborne is the eighth instalment in the popular Asphalt racing game saga. The game is finally available for Windows 8, allowing gamers to enjoy the action in the palm of their hand. Is the game a worthy addiction to the collection? Read the review to find out.

The crazy arcade-style racing game is back and more vibrant than ever before, the great graphics almost seem to leap from the screen and are so detailed that players feel like they are really there. In addition to many of the most popular locations from the other Asphalt games, players are now given an extra nine destinations to enjoy, many of which are extremely detailed and engaging.

There are also lots of new cars to play with as well as a brand new game engine and a complex career mode. This time around gamers are rewarded for keep playing the game with bonus points, money and much more. It can take quite a while to save up enough for the new cars, but this adds to the addictive nature of the game and will keep players putting the pedal to the metal. New car models become unlocked as you advance through the game and some of the models that become available are very well defined.

The excitement of the game ultimately revolves around the races. Players can now play against their friends in the exciting multiplayer mode, while the single player mode is just as fun as ever. Players also have the chance to repaint their new cars in a wide range of different colours and add special modifications to them to help give them the edge they need to win races.

Some of the new destinations that are included in the game allow players to travel the world from the comfort of their own homes. The Barcelona destination has been created to include all of the elements that make the city so special. In the next race you could find yourself in a completely different part of the planet and other destinations that are waiting to be raced through include Tokyo, Monaco, London and Venice.

Another new and exciting element to the game is the hidden shortcuts. Discovering these shortcuts often happen by accident and the knowledge that these shortcuts exist and are waiting to be discovered helps players to pay more attention to the destinations as they race at almost warp speed.

There are lots of different modes to choose from in the game, each of which presents fresh new challenges. The career mode lasts for a total of eight race seasons and includes a total of 180 different races. Players who have what it takes to really go the distance are sure to enjoy this mode. However, players who have a short attention span or simply want to dip straight into the action can enjoy the quick race mode. Six different solo race types are included here such as classic, duel, elimination and slalom.

People who enjoyed the fast pace and wild races of asphalt 7 are sure to love this game. The only problem is that this version is very similar and people who know the other game well may well feel like very little has changed. However, there are now more hours of game play to enjoy and the great graphics provide plenty of fun.


  • Lots of vehicles to choose from
  • Nine new destinations
  • Excellent graphics
  • Exciting multiplayer mode


  • It takes time and money to get the good cars
  • Not much different from Asphalt 7
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